Audio pausing with bluetooth and Google Maps - Galaxy S4

Audio pausing with bluetooth and Google Maps - Galaxy S4


Its hard to explain but heres the annoyance I've been running into. Using Spotify with bluetooth on either my home stereo system or my car blue tooth, both play fine and I do not experience any issues with bluetooth. However, using a navagation app while using Spotify gives strange audio pauses while playing. When coming up to directions on Google Maps the audio will pause, giving the direction and then resume. This may seem like nothing but it gives a break in the song which can be an annoyance. When using Google Play Music and even Pandora, the audio volume will go down while the navagation will give the directions. Is there anyway to fix this or impliment this in a future release?

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Hiya. The non-standard way spotify handles notifications is a known issue and you may want to add your support to this idea. There is currently no workaround I'm afraid.

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