Autoplay and mixtapes






HTC U11+

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

 When listening to mixtapes, Album radio or whatever, Spotify will automatically choose similar songs and attaches them to the queue.

But for a few weeks now, whenever the last song of the current list ends or is skipped by me via "next song" in the notification or via remote (car, headphone), the app just stop playing. The notification shows the current track. When opening the app, the "now playing" on the bottom is gone and I have to open the playlist again.


When I click one of the last songs in the list, it will expand the list with new songs, as it is supposed to do.


I already reinstalled the app, cleared cache and storage, nothing helped.

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Hey @Lahr3n, welcome to the Community!


How long has this been going on for? Did it start happening after an app or OS update? Is the replay button enabled when this happens?


For now, try having a friend log into their account using your device to see if the issue persists for them.


Let us know how it goes.

Seems like the last update (3 days ago according to play store) fixed it. 

Tried it by skipping away many times, and it continues to load the next pack of songs, as expected. 


I will keep an eye on it, but currently it's all good 🙂



Happened again, and now I know exactly why 🙂 

When the app is not opened but playing (background activity) I skip to the last song of the currebtly loaded pack. When I now close the app via the android "recent apps" Funktion, Spotify of course stop playing since it's killed. 

If I open the app now again, I can continue to play from the last song, and if I skip now, the playback crashes. 

The notication shows like, dislike, previous, pause and next. None of these buttons work.

In the app, the player on the bottom is gone, and it only works when I open the Playlist, click the last song of the list, so it loads the next pack. Just clicking "play list" does nothing, I have to select a specific song of the list. 

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