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Battery drain on Android, missing feature on Desktop

Battery drain on Android, missing feature on Desktop

Dear Spotify,

I would like to declaire a complaint considering mainly Spotify for Android.

At first, to give a clear understanding, I enumerate the main details:

Device: Samsung S8 (SM-950F, basically European model)

Android Version: 9.0 Pie

Spotify application version (christmas update in order to get because you provided no other way to get along Spotify Wrapped at the end of the day 😞 Earlier, I got an e-mail from you, so I could see it on desktop..)

So the issue:

I listened a podcast downloaded, I was completely offline (no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS) I got asleep, I forgot to set a sleep timer so podcast playing continued overnight. The battery state of charge was 53%, by morning my phone drained completely until it switched off, so I overslept.

Is it normal, if simple podcast playing drains the battery completely while every main energy-intensive feautre is  switched off (screen as well of course)? I felt badly, because I strongly care about my battery, keeping  it charged between 40-80%.

After this, I did what the Spotify crew recommended several times in the forum: clean install. I hope it helps, but the new version does not run as "fluid" as the previous.

Second thing to mention:

I've read a lot of threads about the different features between desktop and mobile versions. Would be really so difficult to integrate podcast episodes by date into desktop version like on mobile? Technically is it just a list but would be very useful.

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