Bluetooth Disconnection Doesn't Pause Music

Bluetooth Disconnection Doesn't Pause Music






(OnePlus 6 256GB)

Operating System

(Android 8.1.0.)


My Question or Issue


I listen to Spotify almost solely in my car and for years when I've turned my car off (ending the Bluetooth connection) Spotify has paused, and resumes when reconnected. 


Suddenly however the music continues to play when disconnected (unacceptable, annoying and I'd go as far as agrivating) and to make matters worse Spotify disappears from my notification tray and I have to manually open the app and pause the music internally. 


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So frustrating, Spotify. 


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Hi there, 

Sorry to hear you're having this issue too. It's being handled here, so please give the idea a vote and add your voice. Good luck!

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