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How to see all my songs on phone?

How to see all my songs on phone?

Hi, I'm mainly using spotify on my computer where I add songs by clicking on plus sign and then play them by clicking on "Songs".

I remember that when I was playing songs on phone I would go "Your library" and I could click there also on "Songs". But now that feature is probably completely gone. When I click on "Your library" I can see only playlists, artists, albums and podcasts. So how can I see all my songs and play them? Do I have to add all of them first of all on playlist?



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In your phone go to Your Library and it should be inside Favorites.


You can add them to a playlist just so you can have a backup of them and the easiest way to do it is in your desktop.

Just select all of the songs in Songs folder by holding CTRL+A for Windows or CMD+A for Mac, right click any of the songs then click on Add to Playlist.

Hope it helps! 🙂

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