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Bluetooth skipping audio.

Bluetooth skipping audio.

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This has been happenkng for two months or so now. Ive reset my phone. Reset cleared and deleted and reinstalled the app. Tried everything Google and these forums have suggested. Including resettin my radio in my car. I am getting really tired of my music skipping every 30 to 45 seconds while using blue tooth Audio. Someone please for the love of my sanity. FIX IT.

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Hi there!


I'm hoping I'll be able to help out, but I just want to know some more information: is this an issue with Bluetooth phone wide or just using Spotify, and is it happening on all Bluetooth devices or just one.


Get back to me soon!

Its happening in both vehicles I drive. My work truck and personal car. I don't use any other Bluetooth. Also it is only with Spotify.

And is the issue just with Spotify?

Yes sorry I edited my original reply.

No worries. Based on my digging the main solution is factory resetting your phone, however, before going to that extreme perhaps try removing the 2 Bluetooth connections a re-pair with them

Did that. Reset everything. Did a network reset wiped the data in my car. Reinstalled Spotify. I'm not Hard resetting my phone with the premise it May fix it. I'm really just frustrated and wondering why. Ive had Spotify for YEARS at this point. Never had this issue.



Unfortunately, I don't know what else I can do here, but you can try reaching out to Spotify support and they can check ou the issue behind the scenes. The easiest way to contact them is by messaging SpotifyCares on Facebook or Twitter. They usually respond within 48 hours!


Hopefully this helps! Get back to me if there are any new developments!

I have been conecting via headphone cable Line in input in my car, with my Samsung Galaxy A10, but was getting tired of it.  I then thought figured out and thought of how to use audio and all phone features and does not seen to skip.  If you know how to activate developer options in your phone then under bluetooth Audio options increase the bit sample rate for audio to 32 bits, the Audio LDAL Codey playback quality to optimized for connection quality, and Audio Codex All Codexs.  I did not seem to have problem yet only tried for little bit, Also just a FYI if go back into developer Options does roset back to defalt settings

didnt mean to post here

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