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Bring back my "Back" button

Bring back my "Back" button

On the pinned notification on Android, the Like button has replaced the Back button in every context except podcasts.


I know Spotify had experimented with this change with Spotify Radio but now it does it for everything: My mixes. Albums. My own playlists. Even "My Liked Songs". Unsurprisingly, I already like the songs on my playlists, and even more obviously I like the songs on my list of already liked songs. What I'd actually like is my track rewind button.


This change was made without - as far as I could locate - a preference option to switch it back. Nor was it added in a "smart" way, Spotify could easily detect that I'm using the back button at least 50 times as often as Like and show me the controls I use most.


This is infuriating. It makes Spotify tremendously difficult to use while running, it takes three swiping and tapping actions to expand the play controls or else unlocking the phone and switching to the Spotify app. It's a huge regression in usability. It's pretty much a deal-breaker for me, these are basic music player controls.

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Hi there @-flamebait-,


Thanks for the post!


The Spotify developer team is always testing out new features and ways to make the app easier to use and more accessible.


We've passed your feedback on to the teams working on this.


Hope this information helps.

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