Bug: Spotify fallbacks from SD card to internal storage at every reboot


Bug: Spotify fallbacks from SD card to internal storage at every reboot

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Brief description of the issue: when booting the phone, Spotify "forgets" it was configured to use the SD card for storage and fallbacks to internal storage. All previously downloaded music is lost when setting the app to use the SD card again. The same does not happen with other apps that use the SD card heavily, like BeyondPod.


My guess is that the issue affects Android phones where mounting the SD card is delayed or takes some time. I started experiencing this when moving from a Samsung S7 Edge to an S8.


The problem is verified even when the user waits for the notification that the SD card was mounted before launching Spotify for the first time. Perhaps there are Spotify bits running in the background and having a knee **bleep** reaction when not finding the SD card in place.


The fact that other apps that use the SD card heavily are not affacted - like BeyondPod - suggest that this is a Spotify-specific bug.


Steps to reproduce the issue: use an encripted 256Gb SD card for Spotify's storage on a Samsung S8, download some music, reboot the phone, wait for the notification that the SD card was mounted correctly, launch Spotify and 1) Spotify has rolled back to use the phone's internal memory, and 2) all downloaded music is wiped out.


Your device and operating system: Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 7.0, Samsung Experience version 8.1, kernel version 4.4.13-11341572, build no. NRD90M.G950FXXU1AQEB

Type of Spotify account you have: Premium


The app version of Spotify you’re using: armV7 , but I've been experiencing the issue for several weeks now


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Hi. The issue with encrypted SD cards has been around for a year but was apparently fixed. Check out this thread for more information.

Spotify suggested not starting spotify until 10-20 seconds after booting te device but I'm not sure this will actually work. If it doesn't work for you, try force stopping spotify before rebooting the phone and wait 20 seconds before starting spotify.

If you still have problems, get in touch with them here.