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Encrypted SD Card Saving Bug - Samsung Galaxy S7

I guess I run into a bug. Can you verify or possibly offer a solution?



1- Android Encrypted SD Card



1- Open App

2- Select SD Card as Storage

3- Download a playlist

4- Restart the device



Storage stays as SD Card



Storage changed to Internal.

App Tries to re-download the playlist.


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I can duplicate the exact same problem.


If you download a lot of music and have a lot of photo on your SD card you can make this issue happen too WITHOUT encryption.


During testing with SD encryption I was able to duplicate my issue 100% of the time.



Disable Spotify before reboot and you will not loose the downloads under any circumstances (encypted or not)


Please submit this to spotify support email too


They are 100% ignoring me on this issue and sending back the same CANNED response every time.

It is very normal to have an encrypted SD card and suggested by.


At least the app should prompt you to wait or default back to normal

FYI I don't think this problem existed in older versionsister.

I would bet there is part of the software that when fails reading assumes the SD is removed and defaults to internal to avoid hanging or crashing.

You are so correct in the other topic.

a simple option in the settings to force wait for external sd.

Or to delay Start by so many seconds would workaround this issue.

Of course if the SD card wasn't inserted it could make the program hang thus as an advanced menu option would be a good idea.

Hey @Autotime


I think it's a new bug too. IMHO this will be considered as a minor bug because not many users will be effected by this. You know people don't restart their devices or encrypt SDCards, don't have 4GB of ram that can fire background services this fast etc 🙂 So solution will be released at least in a couple of weeks.


Admins will hear our voice, may be they thank us 😛 We should save our playlists into internal storage until this problem solved.


@Admin, you can contact with me if necessary. I'm a mobile application developer too so I can try anything you need and provide logcat logs. 

Laughing a little today by my email where spotify asked if i had a rooted phone and if i have the current version.




They don't seem to understand the issue.  


Zero response saying they understand the issue any information I gave them.


I have isolated that encrypting the SD card makes the error happen almost 100% of the time

however still happens without encryption once your sd card has more files on it like VR Gear games and photos.



Suggestions like don't put anything else on my SD is out to lunch it occurs always in time.


Its  Crazy that support can't say they understand the problem.


I will now as directly ask spotify again and see if i get the same canned response I have recevied several time.

  And I got premium too.


Hey check this out with the old version i downloaded

Spotify actually Displays an notification of storage error on boot and doesn't trash the settings and cache. I wonder how new you can go before the problem starts.

After full boot all works fine every time.

Sounds like they broke something in spotify.
Would be nice if they accepted that it isn't our phone or our error.

As a customer I understand the world isn't perfect and programming will have bugs along the way.

But it is really frustrating when you ask spotify if they understand the issue and the answer is
Format your sd card.

Why don't they listen to what you say when you ask for support.

A conversion means both people listen and spotify support only has the ignorance or ignore and send the same canned response every time.

V5.2.0.885 is the latest version without this issue. I have the same problem spotify will not accept this bug from me.

Maybe you can confirm the results.

Newer versions unlink all cached data if the SD isn't 100% ready on boot and the service starts.

Same issue here. Very annoying. In order to get my work email on my phone, encryption of the SD card is required. However, every time I restart, I lose all of my downloaded songs on my SD card. The files are still on the card, but Spotify doesn't recognize them. It switches to internal storage. Changing Spotify storage back to the SD card doesn't force it to recognize them either. You have to completely download them. Same if I have 1 song downloaded or 1000 songs downloaded. Spotify premium member for years here. Samsung Galaxy S7 from Verizon. Latest android software installed. Not rooted.

Hey guys, one of you should post full details of this over in

Spotify is aware of the problem.

They have communicated with me they understand the issue and are fixing it.

After months of being stuck at 5.2.885 I am getting upset. All newer versions have this issue. Please fIle a report that it is broken after 5.2.885 if you want this fixed.

It's obviously not a priority at the moment.


Pay attention here.  Once again I have made them aware of the problem.


You think after months it would be fixed but this issue obviously isn't a priority.

Good to have this issue in a place where spotify staff actively monitor. Thanks.

I emailed support again.

They asked me if still get the message with the latest version. The crazy thing is support had said they are fixing the problem but I don't think they even have any clue what it is because support replies never make any sense as if they don't even read the issue.

Sometimes you need to keep the emails going. They do want to help and will get there eventually. Even if the answer is "we can reproduce this but we won't be working on a fix right now".

That's why I felt it was worth posting in the Issues section too. 

Yes considering this was the email to me.
Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to us.

Absolutely! We're on it and we hope to have this fixed as soon as possible. So stay tuned and we will get back to you once we have some more information.

Have a lovely weekend,

Upon reply to see how it's coming on the same ticket number I get this message which has nothing to do with the problem.

Could you please try to update to the latest version of the app and let us know if you're still receiving the message?

If you're still receiving the message, could you please let us know when it appears?

The issue was about downloaded music getting lost not a message.

They just send canned response it seems.

I am paying for premium on a 2 year term so I am a little annoyed. Let's see what they say on the bug fix part of the forum.

Hey Autotime, I know it's frustrating but I must admit that I can understand Spotify. I'm working for an app with a million users and sometimes a small problem can be postponed endlessly. They've lots of stuff have in mind like integrating Spotify with cars, enhancing music suggestion algorithm. This has a workaround, doesn't happen in most cases and it doesn't completely fail the system. Also they don't want you to store the music in your local, they want you to stream it. This feature is there only because users demands it.


@Joe, it's should be really simple to fix this. I don't know if you've power to push it to development team but it's 2 man/hour work based on my experience. You've continious tests so it won't add too much weight on the team.





@user-removed no, I have no power at all, sorry.

Anyone with this issue go on over to the open bugs on the forum and say you have the issue too.

Support says they are working on the problem. I have asked them again if they know what my problem is.

It's all canned responses and I don't think they have actually read my clear description of the issue but send over the same old canned solutions to other issues.

The fact they broke spotify means they can fix it for sure.

Hey Guys! 


Thank you all for your patience and information regarding this issue. We're currently investigating this at the moment and hope to have an update soon.


You can follow the updates in this thread here.




Same problem here ... infuriating when I have to download 2000+ songs again ... Sort it out Spotify 😞

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