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Bug in spotify when using dual sim phone

Bug in spotify when using dual sim phone

The phone Galaxy s6 duos.


The download over cellular is working ONLY when Sim1 for data transfer. I think it's a bug.

Streaming works no matter what SIM card is used for data transfer.

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I am using the Oneplus Two, using Android OS 6.0.1. I have a data plan with AT&T and a data plan with T-Mobile. AT&T sim card is in slot 1. Now, I find that when I have both SIM cards enabled in the SIM card settings but choose SIM2 (I.e. T-Mobile) and leave Calls/Text on SIM1, that Spotify won't download my music over cellular, unless I do one of two things:
1. Disable one of the two SIM cards in the SIM card settings menu, forcing data to go over the SIM that is still enabled.
2. Set data to go.ober the SIM currently in SIM card slot 1. In this arrangement I can keep both SIM cards enabled, but it leaves me using data on the SIM card I don't have am unlimited plan for.

I hope this is enough info for the Spotify team to properly triage and resolve. Thanks!

Spotify please fix this stupid bug. There are many many phones that are Dual SIM in the market. Even SAMSUNG has released Dual SIM phones. You are lagging behind with making your app compatible with all of them.

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