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Bug or intended feature?

Bug or intended feature?

Hi guys, 


So, I am using my Android phone connected via BT to my Radio in a car and listening to my own music on a way to work. Every day stereotype, I was always happy.


Today morning however, something weird happened. First four songs from my playlist played just fine while then suddenly some random song jumped in(I will not put the song name here, as I do not want to encourage this marketing). I have pre-downloaded my playlists, and this song was not predownloaded, so it stopped playing.


My question is, how the hell did some random song, completely different style of music, got into my Spotify account? I have never heard about this artist, its not my style of music, and I definately did not even allow spotify, to randomly add some songs to my playlist.


I have done a bit of search. This song is currently widely promoted by Vevo and similar, its pretty new song, but I refuse to believe this is just a bug. My suspicion is, that spotify is trying to push songs to its users without consent. I mean, I am paying customer and I want to have my own music by my own setup(You can say, there is no problem changing it, but its slightly different when you are driving, I shall not touch my phone while driving and I never will, I use my music to set up my mood correctly, and if there are some random songs there that I dont like I cannot change it, that ruins my mood, thats why I am even typing this). If I want to get suggestions I will use the suggestion option(as I do most of the time) but this seems to be a bit hit from below, to say the least.


I would like if some Spotify representative respond to this, and clarify for me whether its just a bug, or if I should expect that in a future, because if I do, I will simply stop subscribing and go somewhere else, where they actually allow me to listen music I want.



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Were you listening to a followed playlist where the song could not have been played (is that correct tense... hope so) in the past (due to law) and now it was "unlocked" and therefore "playable"?

not really, it was playlist that I have created myself and nobody has access to it. The song was added to my current queue not the playlist itself. Phone was untouched for at least 30 minutes and I have never searched for that artist nor the song.

That sounds indeed very weired. Just contact Spotify. They usually answer quite fast to the contact form.

I will leave it for now and see if someone else had similar issue or not. While it sounds weird, it might be just some kind of bug or something... if that happens again anytime soon, I will then try contacting them directly..

Right, so today it happened again... listening to my own playlist, and now, suddenly I have full queue of some artist I have never heard of of music I definately did not put there. This time however, its at least some chilling DnB so I didnt mind too much, as the previous pop-disaster...

Hey, it would be useful to get a screen capture of the play queue and a link to the playlist the next time this happens, if possible, highlighting the phantom tracks.

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