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Samsung Note 8

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


Having serious issues with spotify Android lately including the following, please can you provide a working update:

  • Notification controls disappeared from lockscreen – forcing users to open app to adjust playback
  • Playback controls will play song but not pause it on compact bar – pausing only works in full-screen mode
  • Sound plays through speaker when headphones disconnect – rather than pausing
  • Music pauses randomly by itself, even when inside the app
  • Can't resume previously played songs
  • Queued songs not playing when casting audio to other devices
  • Wrong info appearing for song currently playing
  • Song progress not showing and not apply to drag to fast forward.
  • Next song not showing, stuck on whatever was first played and have to switch between song queue and play screen to refresh
  • Search only scanning offline music, despite device being online


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Those issues can sure ruin the music listening experience! Fortunately those issues are forwarded to the dev team and are under investigation which means that a fix is being worked on or in some cases should already be fixed in the latest version.

You can find the ongoing issues threads HEREHERE and HERE.


In the mean time I suggest doing a clean install of the app and making sure that you're running the latest version. 

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