Can't change to save to SD card. Android lollipop

Can't change to save to SD card. Android lollipop

I just got a new phone today since my other one broke. It is a LG bello 2 with Android 5. I have tried for hours to get it to save to SD card. Tried lots of fixes that are posted here in this forum but i can not get it to work. Other apps can save to the SD card but not spotify. I think it might have to do with write permissions but im no good with phones.  Does any one have a solution that might work? Thanks.


Regards Felix

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Have you read and tried the things I suggest in the below guide?

[COMPLETE GUIDE] How to fix most Android issues

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[COMPLETE GUIDE] How to fix most Android issues
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Tried all of those things. Format SD card, before and after spotify install and with/without reboot. Even tried formating the SD card in windows with SDformatter. Removing cache files, remove folders/files. Nothing seems to work.  Spotify won't create any folders on the SD card and it says something about permissions when i try to change folder, that's why i think it has to do with some read/write permissions. Im not able to find any "permissions" tab in the android settings either. 

Edit: I have Android 5.0.2

Edit 2: Got a fast glance of a message that android spit out, somthing about that it could not find ??/emulated/sd??/..? 

I guess it was about the SD card. Is there a way to raise the  permission of the spotify app so that it is granted the right to write on the SD card? Also i tried a different SD card without luck.

I managed to get it to work now. I had to create the folderstruckture for spotify on the SD card for it to work. Don't know why spotify could not to it but that does not matter now. 

So i had to create the folders: /android/data/






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