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Can't choose songs on Android App anymore? (Premium subscriber)

Can't choose songs on Android App anymore? (Premium subscriber)

I am subscribed to Spotify Premium (Student) and have my playlists downloaded on the android app on my Galaxy S8 (set to offline mode) so I don't burn through my data. I noticed yesterday that the app layout looks different, so it has been updated. My playlists are on it but will no longer let me select which songs I want to listen to. The only option is to "shuffle play" and there is no song listing...just the options "add songs" and then a short summary of songs I recently added. If I click the short summary it brings up a list of all of the songs added to my playlist but will only play a short preview of each song when I click on it. I tried switching to online mode and re downloading these playlists and it didn't do anything to change this issue. I just want to be able to choose which songs I want to listen to by viewing them, like I was before. Any suggestions are appreciated. 

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This sounds odd. I suggest you contact the support team direct here and they should be able to help.

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