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Can't delete Cache or saved files

Can't delete Cache or saved files



My Spotify won't let me delet my Cache and saved files from my micro SD-Card.

I also can't delet it from my App-manager ( Samsung J5 ).

I tried to delet the folder "" but my phone can't delet it aswell.


I really need help because Spotify is taking 12GB out of 16GB and the Songs which are "downloaded" are not listed as downloaded and when I trie to download the songs again they will be just listed as not downloaded so I'm not even able to listen to my songs offline it just takes space from my SD-Card right now.


And I'm not able to see the setting that i can switch the data from my SD-Card to my normal Storage.


I also tried to Format my SD-Card but it won't work the files from Spotfiy are still there on the Card. 😕

Sorry for my bad english 😛

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