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Can't fast scroll down in playlist

Can't fast scroll down in playlist

Dear Spotify,


I'm an Android app user.


I'm pretty sure some other persons reported this issue as well, but as this is very frustrating i'd like to add my own post so it shows you that this issue matters a lot to your users (who pays for premium and give wage to you developers btw).


I've got several playlists with hundreds and hundreds of songs, and I used to navigate very easily inside using the small green scrolling bar at the right. Every new song that i add in my playlist goes to the bottom and I need to scroll down almost each time i open the app to reach what I wanna listen to.


Now that this has disappeared, it makes the application almost NOT USABLE for me at all, as i don't want to spend 10min scrolling down with my thumb.


I'm afraid i'd need to go away from Spotify to another app if this isn't getting resolved... Which would involve loosing 6 years of building my playlists and start from scratch.


I beg you please fix this.



Kind regards,


Anthony Rgn

4 Replies

Same here android user, really need scroll bar back ASAP

Same here. Why's spotify constantly patching this in and out?
I have **bleep**ing 2k Songs in a playlist, am I Supposed to scroll for minutes or what?


And why's, apart from us, nobody else complaining about missing such a generous, but major feature?

Hey there!


It was noted in this post here that, "the fast scroller was removed in Spotify for Android 4.9.0, and we're currently working on bringing an improved version of it back."


Sorry! Hope that the feature gets added back soon.


Happy Spotifying!


If this solved your issue - Accept it as a solution!
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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

It's like they make the app for music fans, as long as you don't like music to much. For the desktop app you still can't fast navigate by pressing the first letter in a name. And that feature has been gin for over a year. They said that they would bring that back as well...

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