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Can't find my songs saved on App....

Can't find my songs saved on App....







Samsung Galaxy 9



I noticed a few days ago while using the app in my car that it all of a sudden would only play 1 of 1 song and not continue through the artist or playlist. I figured I'd look into it later. A day or 2 later, I then went into my app to look up a particular artist and the app looked completely different. I figured it was an update but I am getting extremely frustrated because when I go to my library it will not bring up MY songs. I will click on the artist and instead of taking me to my albums & songs that I have saved, It switches back to home like I searched for the artist initially, showing me whats available from them. It will not show me my specific albums and my specific songs that I have saved from particular albums. 

I logged out and back in, I uninstalled and re-installed the app. I checked my subscription which is active. I logged in through my browser and that still shows everything correctly.

I am at a loss. Any help is appreciated!

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Was emailing support all day yesterday. They couldnt do anything about it. All we can do is hope that the backlash is enough for them to change it back.

They did keep telling me that my songs should be in a playlist called "favourites". They didnt seem to understand that there was no playlist with that name, even after i showed them the screenshot. Also that if i wanted my songs to show there, i would need to select them one at a time and save the song. Saving by album wont work, that will just put it in the album and not song by song. Meaning i would need to go through all my 2000 songs, unsave them, then re save them, one at a time. 


They seem to stand firm by the idiotic decision for the artist too. I explained like you did to them and it felt like it went over their heads. I also explained that as someone in AU, i do not want to have to stream on my network the extra artist songs on shuffle. I chose what music from that artist i want, then i listen to only that artist and those songs on shuffle. Was easy and care free before, complete nightmare now. 


I tend to set up what i want to listen to on my desktop app, then change the playback device to my phone, since i just cant do that on my phone anymore with this new format. 

Same here, I would always go to My Library, Artists, and choose the artist I wanted to hear, then Shuffle play through the songs in my library from that artist. I can't do that anymore, although I do have a playlist of songs I've liked (seems to be my entire library) that is hard to navigate and filter. Please fix this!

I was on support chat for 2 hours and the guy still didnt understand what i was talking about. The "favorite songs" is only if you are using the free version on your computer. It seems like this recent update has left users without the control of their music/library even with premium accounts. They also lost all of my data in an account transfer after i lost my ability to see my artists, friends, albums, etc. on my computer, and now they **bleep** me with this update where I LITERALLY CANT USE THE APP ANYMORE. This is absolutely ridiculous and i really hope they change this ASAP because they will lose my subscription very soon otherwise.

I need to be able to search through my own library and have the ability to shuffle the songs that are left after my filtered search. Fix this!!!!! 

I verified to see if it was just a problem on androids. As it turns out all of the functions of the "your library" are still there on an iphone, but the data does not exist in the folders anymore. if you click on artists, there is nothing there because I dont "follow" any artists. The artists tab will no longer show the artists downloaded in your library. the UI being so dramatically different for me from and iphone to android is also very aggravating since I just got rid of my iphone. All of this trouble with the mobile apps all while the pc platform hasn't changed a bit. I don't understand this farce. Here is a picture of what I'm seeing. I currently have 3,289 songs in my library and I have no artists? (also my mobile app shows that I only have 1,121 songs in my entire library so they must have been deleted somehow) Really spotify? Come on guys. You are better than forcing your users to follow each artist they have in their library. Please revert back to what you had before. And I would like to have all my music back on my phone, please.


I ended up chatting with support and yep it's their new platform that they are rolling out. Its frustrating. Why even have premium then? Why even save anything then? It's like they are taking away our personalized albums & songs so what's the point? This is really stupid so I hope with all the complaints they will fix this! 

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