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Can't find the storage section in settings.

Can't find the storage section in settings.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Operating System Version: Android 7.0

Spotify Version:

Hi everyone, I'm trying to download my music on my sd card but I can't reach the storage section. Can anybody show me how to fix this error? Thank you.
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That's odd. Can other apps see your SD card? Does it show up as portable storage in android settings>storage?

If it does show up in the system, try removing the SD card and reinstalling spotify. Reinsert the card after spotify has been installed and see if the storage option appears.

I have the same problem and I'm desperately searching for an answer. Will reply back if I find a solution.

I too as a Premium user no longer have a Storage under "Other" Settings. I have version, have cleared cache and saved data, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my phone, confirmed I can browse the SD card files, and both device and SD card have at least a few gigs free each. Please advise.

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