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Can't login on android app.

Can't login on android app.



Android 4.0.4


I can't log into spotify with the latest version with the latest facebook.

I recently factory reset my phone and tried reloging in. Now nothing works. Is there a common problem going on?


Preview works. Why in the world did it stop working?? I was just using spotify this morning and it worked perfectly...

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can't login on a nokia n8 my username and wachtwoord are allright but it keeps saying it isn't right what do i have to do.

Plotfi - I'm sorry to hear this, are you still having trouble? Have you tried playing a Spotify link inside the Facebook app on your phone? Your Spotify should open up and log in.

Marja-b - For your Nokia, as it's a Symbian device, you'll need a device password to get in. Just head here:

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If you did a factory reset to the device, Spotify creates cache data elsewhere that are not removed from the device when factory reset has been done. Usually if having issues, and doing a factory reset, I'd suggest to take backups from the devices USB Storage / SD Card and then factory reset and format the usb storage, and could try without a SD card too after that.

To me, this usually has helped with issues. Clearing the old possibly corrupted data from the device and starting from really scratch.

                                                                      IDEAS: Device Management | Recover Deleted Items

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just bought the samsung 2 and installed spotify but i cant log in..?! username and password are correct but it wont log in at all.. can u help me with this?? tried to change passwords and uninstall and install again but nothing helps...

kanahuone - In order to use Spotify on your new phone, a Premium subscription is needed. You can upgrade here.


Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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for me the fix was installing the preview version. loging in then updating spotify in google play. all is well. thanks

spotify changed my name and "wachtwoord" for my mobile account and now everything is alright.

I have the HTC One X and I can't use Spotify either.  I just got the phone today, I have a premium account, I have deleted the app and reinstalled, changed the Facebook password--nothing works. When I open the app I click log in with Facebook and the screen goes to a blank facebook page and flashes over and over again. I like Spotify but if I do not get a response fairly soon I am going to cancel--I have wasted too much of my time trying to get this resolved. 

Have you made sure that the facebook app is up to date on your phone and that it is logged in ok? If it is then try logging out of it and then into spotify
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Yes and I have been doing the same thing over and over again working with Spotify tech support.  This could all be easily resolved if I had a spotify log in. I am going to give it another day then cancel my accoutn and request a refund. This is unacceptable. 

Install older version of fb app, it worked on my case. Ihad the same problem after changing fb password, and now login works again.

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