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Can't play the correct content with Google voice assistant

Can't play the correct content with Google voice assistant






ROG Phone 6

Operating System

Android 14


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I want to play my Daily Drive playlist thought Google assistant, but when I request it, something else plays. I have tried rephrasing it to make Spotify understand what I want but I never does properly. Here are some examples I've tried:

- Daily drive

- "Daily drive"

- My daily drive

- My daily drive playlist

- Daily Drive playlist

- Playlist daily drive




Ideally, I would like the algorithm to prefer my liked stuff over random content, so when I request "My daily drive" it doesn't find something random like "Daily drive by CIVO" or "My daily driver playlist by some random person". Even better, if I could pick the exact playlist manually, but I don't know if that would be a Spotify integration issue or a Google assistant issue, or both.


There is a greater problem with this list in particular, it changes every day so I can't just save my own playlist and copy this one into it, otherwise it wouldn't update itself with the latest news, podcasts, etc. (By the way I already tried this approach).


That's the whole issue, I hope it can be solved swiftly enough.


I'll also leave a small additional detail: During my multiple tests, I managed to play blocked content so you may also want to look into that.


By adding a song from a blocked artist (in this case it was Daily drive, the blocked artist is CIVO) Spotify just played it back. By unblocking and blocking again, I managed to stop the song from playing, but it already ran through, completely ignoring restrictions.

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