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Can't swich storage location

Can't swich storage location


since I use a new SD-card for my phone, every time I try to change the storage location in the spotify-settings from intern to SD-card, spotify crashes immediately.

When I click on storage, the next menu appears for a second, then it crashes.

I tryed to reinstall the app but didn't work.

I made a screenshot of the menu i try to get in just before it crashes, there you can see that SD-card is selected as storage but it's actually not, all songs are stored in the intern storage.

Any ideas what it might be?




Operating System

Android 7.0



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Hi @Pacun,

Thank you for reaching out to the community. Would you kindly try a clean reinstall on the Spotify App? Link down below:

Hope this helps. Looking out for your replies.

Hey Joelman,


thank you for your quick answer.

I reinstalled it like descripted by your link but unfortunately it's still the same problem.

I also could not find any similar problems in the community.

Hi Pacun,

I too can not find any similar problems to what you have, in this case, I would suggest you contact customer support and perhaps they'll be able to help. Link below

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