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Can't switch to external storage

Can't switch to external storage







Moto g 6 play

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


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I've performed a"clean reboot" of Spotify on my phone and am still having this issue when trying to switch storage to my micro SD card. In the settings menu, neither Storage nor Other are tap-able. Nothing happens at all when I tap them. I can't choose my storage option. 

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Hey @BriaCF, help's arrived. 


Have you tried the steps provided here, under Android? If so, and you're not seeing any option, make sure that:

  • SD card is formatted as portable, and no as internal memory/adoptable storage. If it is, reformat the SD card.
  • SD card is not encrypted.

If that doesn't help, try another card and see if it works better. 


Let us know how it goes 🙂

Yes I've tried all that, and I still can't tap Storage or Other. I'll have to buy a new card and try that. 😕

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