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Can't use Bluetooth controls after last update


Can't use Bluetooth controls after last update

I use Spotify in my car all the time. As a premium subscriber I am very disapointed after the last update. The bluetooth controls won't work anymore (can't scroll/skip songs). The worst part is that if I receive a phone call, Spotify will still run in the back during the phone call making almost impossible to have a decent conversation. I have to open the app on my phone to manually hit "pause" button in order to have a proper phone conversation. All this while I am driving, distracting my attention, not safe. Because of this issue I had to stop using Spotify in my car. Also, can't skip songs on my phone lock screen. Please fix this problem before I cancel my subscription! 

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I went to 6.9 and it seems like things are working like they used to. I've been going about a day and a half with frequent driving, so connecting/disconnecting from my car and steering wheel controls work. Notification on the lockscreen works correctly. So I'm going to say the latest update works right. 

I went ahead and bit the bullet too. Only a couple car rides in, but no problems so far. Will keep an eye on it for any issues.

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I have had this 6.9 since it was automatically updated couple(?) days ago. Generally it has fixed all the problems I have had with the Bad version. Only once it have not stopped playback when losing BT connection (switching off car), but that was only ramdom case, typically it have worked well with this 6.9. All BT-controls works fine, lockcreen behaviour is as it should. The only minor flaw what I have noticed is the swipedown spotify application area is quite tall. While other messages as email notifications are as they should. But I think this same is with all other playback apps.


That might be because they updated the notifications interface.

I am confirming also that bluetooth controls work with release version (released November 9th). So others should be good to update from 6.2

Stop whining. They won’t miss your $10.88 per month. 

6.9 doesn't seem to be available for the note 8.

Can you advise when this will be available?

Using Developer mode and setting my bluetooth to use AVRCP 1.3 [default is 1.4] solved my problem on a Mini 2015 F56 with Android. Skip forward/back work perfectly from steering wheel. 


screenshot showin the image, not you will have to disable BT first.

avrcp 1.3.jpg

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