Can we get an update on the 10000 song limit?


Can we get an update on the 10000 song limit?





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The last response of the devs that I can find is from 2017.


Several different streaming services have had 50k/100k song limits since the original idea topic from 2014!


It has been 5 years, and still music collectors don't really have a decent platform to work with. Spotify tells us that 'only' 1% has 10k+ songs. With a MAU of 220 million people, you are screwing 22 MILLION USERS (of which about 1 million are paid users)! That's more than the entire population of the Netherlands...


Can we get an update to the latest response on the 2014 topic?


Also, other people here: what are other good streaming services? Since I'm not planning on staying very long if they are not going to raise the limit. I feel like a **bleep**ing caveman working with playlists within playlists. 



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There's a blog post about this:

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1% of 220 million is 2.2 million. Not that it really matters though, because this limit is ruining the service for users who have probably been subscribed for a long time. I've had subscription for years, but switched to Apple Music the same day I hit this limit.

For the love of god, Spotify. Fix your service.


The 10,000 song limit in 'Your Music' applies because it's just like any other playlist. If you sort your collection into several playlists (by letters of the alphabet, date, genre, you name it...) you can grow it exponentially, since each one of them will have 10,000 tracks to be filled.


Check this thread out:


Please vote for this idea and post there if you would like an increase maximum songs allowed. The more votes, the better. 🙂


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It doesn't matter how the limit works. What matters is that thousands of users are left with the choice to either work with playlists like a **bleep**ing caveman, or to switch to a new service, which has its own negatives. I like Spotify. They should not put me in this position.

Adding songs to a playlist is much slower than clicking the heart button. Maybe by only a few seconds but it adds up when you save 10k songs like the people in this thread have. Also I like to shuffle ALL my music a lot of the time

agreed. and same, #SHUFFLEALL


Agree 100%. Being able to save as much as I want to other playlists isn't a good workaround for me. I'm quickly approaching 10k songs....

It is the same for me.
i am a paying customer for quite a long time and like to listen to a record at once. So i save whole albums and after years of doing so I reached the Limit I was not aware of before.
I think the longer Spotify as a service is available, the more people will reach the limit.
And I don't want to delete old albums or organize every album as a playlist.
Other services have a much higher limit and a good user experience. If nothing changes, I will sadly have to switch my music streaming service. Apart from the item Limit. I really like Spotify.


I'd even settle for the library still being capped at 10k if they would just let me "Like" an unlimited number of songs. What I really want is to be able to open an artist's page and glance at the hearts to be reminded of which songs I've enjoyed previously. Workarounds involving making multiple playlists for my collection unfortunately can't help with that.


I tried switching to working with playlists at the begg of this year when I hit my library limit and that didn't work for me, way to tedious. Please increase our song limit Spotify. If I can't have you, I don't want nobody babayy.



Has anyone tried to break the limit? I recently reached the roof and now I’m actually over the roof. This was supposed to be my second “Epic Collection” warning but well, there wasn’t. I was actually at 10,100 and I thought it was just a glitch, so I tried to slowly “like” the songs from my backup playlist (which also has 10k songs) and well, went to 12k with no warning. How about you guys? 


Same here!!

Been at the 10k limit since early 2019 or something and today I accidentally mis-clicked on the 'heart' next to a song and I didn't get the**bleep** "epic collection" warning anymore 🙂

Tried to add a few more songs and it worked, I really really hope they removed the ridiculous 10k limit.

Finally!!! No more adding stupid playlist #2, playlist #3 as a work around anymore 😄

Mostly harmless

okay, i thought i broke spotify when this happened to me yesterday too. but i'm glad to know i'm not alone in noticing this.

i've been at the 10k limit since 2018, liked about 100 songs and didn't get the warning, so i added one of my full playlists since reaching the limit. apparently i'm at 19,734 right now.

i'm too nervous to delete the old playlist since they still haven't publicly announced anything special about this. but could our woes over the song limit finally be silenced?

That workaround is simply annoying! I can’t just ctrl+A all of my Liked Songs because it doesn’t really load everything. So glad to see your reply. I thought this was a glitch. But what’s weird is that there are no announcements about this.

I hope they’ll make an official statement about the limit being lifted. That would literally make the users who switched from Spotify to switch back to Spotify. Some of their sole reason why they switched was because of the limit.

It’s so satisfying to see the numbers of your collection + discovered music (yours is 19k, mine’s 18k 😂)

But can I ask you when in 2018 did you reach the limit? I was “Epic Collection, friend”-zoned on December 2018




It just happened to me a few days ago, and I found it totally insane. My CD library was bigger than this.

I looked up the workarounds, ahah talk about User Experience, ace !


@eliasvagan wrote:
I've had subscription for years, but switched to Apple Music the same day I hit this limit.

Interested to read this, I suppose Apple Music fixes it and does it right then, I think that'll be my way to go. (and my family account with it). It's sad as I wanted to support something non-apple or whatever.


@jepherson_ wrote:
I hope they’ll make an official statement about the limit being lifted.

Your message about that glitch gives hope, but no sadly the limit hasnt been lifted as I just encountered it. And I'm really jaded about this


i agree! so far the glitch (if it is that) hasn't subsided and i am still able to continuing adding songs to my liked songs list.

i actually know the day that i got that awful epic collection friend notice: october 7, 2018.


Same here. My liked songs count is still climbing. Someone replied and said that they still got the warning. 


yeah, i see that. i wonder if they're rolling out an update or something to those who first hit the warning before others?


Could you try to add more than 10k songs into an actual playlist and tell me if it worked? I tried this afternoon and the message popped up. I add all my songs in playlist because I’ve mistakenly unliked songs in the past without noticing it and that my friend is  now my biggest fear lol too easy to "delete" songs without knowing it

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