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Cancel a download list...

Cancel a download list...

Dear Spotify,


I love your app so much, barely everything is well designed for music lovers. But there's one thing that make me very angry : THE DOWNLOAD LIST.


I don't have 150gb data per month, and I see you coming with "huehue just turn off wifi boy", no this is not an acceptable solution.


Sometime I just missclicked few albums or so and i'm getting for an hour to download. And when i'm not at home, I have to turn off data just because of that - or don't use my swwet premium spotify account, sad no?


2 weeks ago I bought a new 64GO SD memory card : just for you dear spotify!

So for the night I wanted to start a big big download (2500+ songs, i've a fast wifi)

And today i'm stuck (yes, 2 weeks after). I don't know why the download list is still progressing, hardly, and I just cant CANCEL this. Like every time I would have wanted to. Annnnd it makes my spotify slow everytime, like my phone.

I had a lot of partys these weeks, and had to encounter much of "wow very nice spotify" because I was unable to put a music on in less than 30sec lol


Thank's if you could provide me tips nor feedback for this kind of issue! (which in my opinion harms Spotify's desire to perform in User Experience)



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