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Cannot Find Podcast Feature

Cannot Find Podcast Feature




Sri Lanka


Samsung S7 edge

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Today itself we got the Spotify facility to our country. But I cannot find the Podcast feature on my Spotify free Account.

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When are we getting podcast feature in sri lanka?



We need the Podcasts feature in Sri Lanka!

As you can see, we've been waiting since 2021 for a positive answer, please expedite this request! 

We pay for Spotify which is a Music + Podcast streaming ! there are free apps which provide music streaming alone , so many people requesting ! i cannot even see a reply from the streaming service. Not acceptable ! please give us exact reason and timeline without giving vague answers 

I have used Spotify Premium for the past wo years, we still don't have podcasts in Sri Lanka (also no Spotify Wrapped). 


YouTube just rolled out Premium and Music in Sri Lanka, and for the same price I pay for Spotify, now I can get YouTube music which has all the podcasts. For another rs. 100, I can also have YouTube Premium. 


Spotify premium is officially not worth it.

when you guys will release the Spotify Podcast to Sri Lanka. Its almost 2023.

When can we have the Podcast feature in Sri Lanka?

I'm a solo plan user; why doesn't the podcast have

It is 2024, Still there is no podcasts. As a premium member, it is not reasonable not to provide this feature.

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