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Connecting to Spotify Notification

Connecting to Spotify Notification

Hey everyone, I just noticed an odd notification start popping up on my phone and I'm not sure why it's there. 


At random times throughout the day, regardless of what applications are open, I'll get a notificaiton that says "Connecting to Spotify", as you can see in the picture attatched. The notification can't be dismissed, but always goes away after a little bit. It just keeps doing that, popping up and then disappearing. I only noticed it recently, probably after the most recent update (I'm running version


Has anyone else seen this, or have any idea what might be causing it?



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Hey, give this thread an upvote! Many have already reported this issue. Cheers!

I connected bluetooth device and i see that but then then it disappeared from the screen when i started song.

This has been going on for two months and Spotify still hasn't responded??

I'm using Samsung note 9 and this came up to me since last week, I have uninstall the Spotify and unscribe to avoid this annoying notification. 

Mine is there all the time!  Even when I force close Spotify.  I'm concerned more it's eating my already poor battery life than actually connecting though because ours appeared 13 times as I write this.  Any leads?

It seems like they don't **bleep** about problems like this. I've had an issue where Spotify desktop doesn't remember what the last playlist/song I listened to is, and it always returns to the same one when starting my PC. Many other people have the same issue, and they still haven't fixed it..

This is happening to me too! And when this happens, my bluetooth headphones get disconnected, which is annoying because it keeps happening every 5 minutes or so.

Huh, that sounds annoying. I use BT headphones too, but I haven't had a problem with them disconnecting.

Same here. Each time I connect to BT. Annoying 

Hi all!

Thanks for reaching out!

This is a known issue currently under investigation. To help out head here +Vote and add a comment with the required info.

Hope this helps 🙂

Annoying and repetitive message "Connecting to Spotify" and a higher battery usage than normal on my Moto Z2 Play.

Mine started since I got a galaxy watch, if that helps 

Plan: Free

Country: US

Device: Samsung Galaxy S9+

Operating System: 9.0 (Beta)


Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Came back after the second time. That know of, this is when my phone connects to my Kenwood car deck.

Looks like it has something to do with bluetooth. I am using amazfit pace smartwatch, and that weird notif only shows up when it's connected

I had the idea that this might related to a smart watch. How many of those with this problem have one?

Well, I can confirm that, the same problem with my Pixel 2xl starded yesterday when i've connected to my Gear S3.

I think there might be some truth to the bluetooth connection and/or a smart watch.  I have a galaxy s7 and gear s3.  The notification goes away when I turn off bluetooth on the phone.  It also turns off when I have bluetooth activated on the phone but a disconnected  BT on the gear.  I have to see what happens when I delete the spotify app from my watch.  Will try in the future

Uninstalled / reinstalled spotify app on the watch and it seems to have fixed it.

Uninstalling the app on the watch didnt work for me.

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