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Crackling noise after last update

Crackling noise after last update

Hello. I have a Samsung S7. Up until Friday, April 21, 2017 everything was fine. On that day I had three updates. YouTube, Google Movie Play and Spotify. After those updates, I started hearing a crackling sound while listening to music on Spotify (YouTube & Gaming work fine). I changed my headphones, did not work. I listened using speaker, and still there was a crackling sound. I cleared the cache. I tried uninstalling YouTube, Google Movie Play and Spotify, just installing Spotify, still did not work. I went to my wife's phone, a Samsung J7. Installed Spotify, using the same headphones, worked great, until today. Today, her phone updated Google Movie Play and now the same crackling sound on her phone. I'm pretty sure its related and can't be the only one it is happening to if on two different phones (Samsung), the exact same thing is happening. Than you for reading.

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Hi @danisuar, haven't seen this one before, totally weird! I'll share your post with some of the other Rock Stars to see if there's any solutions top of mind. 


In the meantime here's some troubleshooting tips for Android to browse through, maybe someone else has had this problem?




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