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Crash on Android 8 when trying to save album

Crash on Android 8 when trying to save album



I'm on Android 8.0.0 with Spotify arm V7. Oneplus 3T. App reproducably always crashes/force closes when trying to save an album to the collection. Problem exists for about two days now. 


Removed old albums to exclude hitting the album limit, reinstalled app twice with and without removing all app data beforehand to no avail. 


Anyone experiencing the same or any tips what to try out? 

8 Replies

I'm having the same problem. 

I'm having the same problem, but I have Android 7 (Samsung Galaxy S8). When I unsaved some music it worked for a while, but now it got back to crashing. As far as I know I haven't reached the maximum saved songs (10000).

Im having the same problems on Oneplus 3, running android 8.0.0

OnePlus 3, Android 8, same problem here... It's the first time I'm facing this problem

It shouldn't crash, even if you have reached the 10,000 saved song limit but it's worth checking to see exactly how big your library is. This is easiest using the deesktop client.


In the desktop client, go to the songs tab, select a song then select all with ctrl-a (on windows). Now click on one of the songs and start to drag it - you'll see a box showing the number of tracks.

Hey thanks for the answers and reports so far, I figured once I removed really a lot of albums from my library I can save a couple of albums again. 


So the issue might evolve around the 10k song limit, but since it crashes always at some point it's hard to tell. 

I found out the same thing as you. I deleted some albums from my library and suddenly everything works just fine. I checked and I had 10k songs, so reaching the limit was probably the reason of crashes. 

Thanks for checking. So more great programming from Spotify! I strongly recommend posting details in the bug topic so they are aware.

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