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Deleted songs still plays on my playlist

Deleted songs still plays on my playlist






Samsung Galaxy 9+

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 When I play music from my playlist it sometimes plays my deleted songs. Ive searched the Web and it seems i need to use my computer to remove it completely. A real hassle since im mostly using Spotify on my mobile. And what suprises me is that it seems the issue has been around for awhile. I date the issue back to 2012. Suprised you havent fixed it yet. 

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Hey @anti22.


Is this happening to a specific playlist or any playlist you listen to on mobile? Also, do you see these songs listed as "You added" or "We added"?


They could be suggestions that Spotify adds to your playlist because of the Free service on mobile devices.


You can find all the info about how Spotify Free works on mobile here.


All the best.

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