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Deleting Profil

Deleting Profil

Hey, anyone can help me please! Wanted to install Spotify for my daughter on her new phone. So, first I registered for her online, but when I wanted to transfer that to her phone, it said: subscription not valid anymore. So I tried to subscribe again, but then it said: username and e-mail already in use.

So, I'm kind of stuck.

I already wrote to customer service but got answered that I should try community first, which honestly did piss me off a bit.


Thanks for your help



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Hi, and welcome to the community!


If you reply to that message (saying to come to the community) directly (even if it says it's from a no reply), then it will be sent to the Spotify staff.

If you still don't get a response, let me know your case number and I'll escalate it to the staff so it can be whizzed along.


Anthony 🙂

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Hi anyone,

I want to delete my profile and asked for support. The answer I got, is to look in the database. I cannot find anything. Can anyone help?

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