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Sound stops working on my HTC One

Sound stops working on my HTC One



I've read users are having problems with the sound just droping on their Android devices and there doesn't seem to be a solution other than turning the phone off and back on again. 


Right I can't listen to offline files, radio or anything.

 - Sound just stops between tracks.

 - Doesn't matter if I'm using Wifi or my carrier's data network.

 - The play time bar says the track is playing.

 - Pausing, skipping to next track, changing stations or playlists doens't help.


Is there anything I do about this?




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I've never had it effect offline files. Have you tried to change the quality setting?



Changing the quality settings didn't make a difference but I have noticed something.


The issue appears to resolve itself when sound from another application, ( an email notification, using my default music player etc ) plays. 


When another sound plays and I go back to spotify the radio/playlists/offline files work again...


Is it possible that android has some power saving feature that mutes the sound and doesn't recognize spotify as an app that can unmute it?


I have power saving switch off by default by the way...

Hey did you ever find a solution to this? I'm currently having the same problem on my HTC One and Spotify Customer Service isn't helping much...

Same thing happens with my nexus 5. Audio plays for about 5 seconds, then continues to play with no sound. Volume controls effect the ringer, as if android doesn't recognize any sound is playing. Unplugging headphones doesn't pause the music.

Adding that reinstalling and rebooting doesn't fix the issue.

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