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Disconnect from bluetooth problem

Disconnect from bluetooth problem


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When I disconnect from a bluetooth device ( my car, my speaker, my earbuds, etc.) Spotify stops showing the correct song that is playing when I resume my music again later. The pause/play button also stops working. The music will be playing while the button is showing that it's paused.


For example: I am listening to a playlist and the song is currently on "Drops of Jupiter" by Train. My phone shows that as the currently playing song both in the app and on my lock screen. I turn off my earbuds while the song is still playing and the song pauses like normal. Then I get in my car, and the song starts playing again. Drops of Jupiter continues playing, then ends and the next song starts playing. Let's say it's "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. However, spotify still shows in the app that Drops is the currently selected song and the pause/play button is showing as if the music is actually paused (showing the triangle). On my phone's lock screen, there is nothing showing from spotify. No widget, no song information, nothing. The only current way to fix it is to force-stop the app. 


And please DO NOT recommend reinstalling spotify. That is not a valid solution to a software problem. I shouldn't have to reinstall and re-download all of my offline music every single time spotify has an issue. 


Also, this started a few days ago. Never had an issue before then. 

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Hey @NorthSanctuary!


Thank you for reporting this to us.


We have received a few other reports about this issue with the songs not changing on the Now Playing View and we're currently looking further into this.


Make sure to head over to this Ongoing Issue thread, where we'll keep you posted on our progress.



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