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Discovered Weekly/Release Radar songs are rubbish!

Discovered Weekly/Release Radar songs are rubbish!




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For longer than I can remember my spotify discover weekly and release radar have been horrific. Years ago my friend played me a song he thought i'd like.. it was the worst thing i had ever heard. Ever since then, every discovered weekly or release radar has included these songs and it has gradually become more and more. This week, i disliked all but 1 song in my discovered weekly, 2 in my release radar. It all consisted of this garbage my friend played. I press dislike every single time (artist and song) yet every week they're back. How do I make it so that genre never appears? What do I do to stop it? Whats the point of paying premium for my new music every week to be a list of songs I hate, but have no way to stop them appearing? Please tell me there is a way to fix this?



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Me too, and I've been using Spotify practically since it started. The weekly list supplies me with folk, rock and country, but no classical, baroque, sephardic, Persian, medieval Spanish etc. which I also like.

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