Download of local files not possible anymore

Download of local files not possible anymore









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Hallo everyone,


Until the day before yesterday, everything went well: i have lots of local files on my computer which I imported in the desktop-version (Windows 10), put into a playlist and after that i downloaded the paylist on my mobile (LG G4) so I could hear it offline.


The Day before yesterday i wanted to download another playlist for mobile-offline-use. Unfortunately I had no more space on my phone so i changed the saving destination to my sd card. or at least i tried because it didn't work.

And thats where the problem started...

Spotify stopped itself on my mobile and wouldn't reboot. So i uninstalled the app, reinstalled it und tried to download the playlist wirht the local files for offline-use. But it only downloads the spotify-songs, not my local ones (while being in the same WLAN and having both the app on my mobile and the desktop-version on my computer open) leading to all local songs being grey and not playable.

I didn't change any settings like firewall e.g. or anything else.


Right now occured another strange thing: now the local files are grey even on the desktop-version, although i can play them on my computer via spotify. Thats no concern of my as i can still lsiten to my music, but its kinda weird.

Same here: uninstall and reinstall didn't change anything.


I hope someone knows how to fix this "no-local-file-download-on-mobile-app"-problem as right now spotify is completely useless for me becuse i can't listen to any of my local songs on my mobile right now.


 THanks a lot for your help!

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Hey @ZackFair,


Welcome to the community!


Thanks for sending over all the details. Could you try moving your local files to a new location on your desktop and then adding it as a new source in your settings? This might help your files become available again. 


You can check out the steps to do this here





Thanks for the replay.

It does work if I copy the data to another location.


But it disappears again if i move it right back (I don't want another location).


Apart from that: Spotify shouldn't randomly make my songs unavailable (it did work before).


Do you have another idea?



actually it doesn't work. only for a couple of songs but not the entire folder.

So I still need a solution.




Hey again @ZackFair,


If we understand you correctly, only some of your local songs work, even after changing the source folder. Is that correct?


What we suggest is that go to your account page and remove all your offline devices. After that, uninstall the apps and then reinstall them again. 


Try importing the playlist(s) again on your desktop if needed, and download them on your mobile. Keep in mind that the devices need to be on the same Wifi. To be completely sure, and if possible, use mobile hotspot connecting both devices to the same mobile network and then download the local music. 


Let us know how it goes. If this doesn't work, please get back to us with some screenshots explaining what's happening.


All the best!



I had a similar problem. Songs on the Local Files from my PC were grayed out and not playable on my Android LG G5. After hours of frustration, here's what finally worked for me: simply turning on the "Download Using Cellular" option on the phone then downloading the song. Here are the steps:


1. On the phone Spotify home screen
a. Settings (geer)
b. Toggle on the "Download Using Cellular"
2. Go to the song and toggle on to download.
3. It should now download on the phone and become playable.

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