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Download quality keeps resetting itself

Download quality keeps resetting itself

Since a few weeks i noticed the download quality settings on my pixel 2xl keeps on resetting itself from extreme to normal no matter how many times I set it back. It becoming extremely annoying to keep re-downloading my playlists each time it resets back to 'normal' quality.



Anyone else encountering this issue?

7 Replies

The same happens for me as well. I'm on OnePlus 3.

I'm on a pixel 2, same thing.


Even when I happen to myself, I noticed that once I open the equalizer, change the sound settings, then go back to Spotify - the settings, so the quality of the Extreme download sometimes changes to Normal. Then I have to set up right now for Extreme. As far as I'm concerned, whenever you change the equalizer settings, check the quality settings and adjust it to get the songs down to the quality you want

How frequently does this happen/do you notice anything that seems to trigger it?


I have an issue where sometimes when Spotify updates, it wipes all of my downloaded music. Sometimes when that happens, it also changes my download quality preference back to normal and/or changes my download location to phone instead of SD card.


Very annoying.

Someone else posted that turning off "normalize volume" in spotify's settings fixed this. Just another bug.

Still resetting itself since i posted this, its so fustrating. Really hope they can fix this

Same here. It's pretty annoying.

This topic seems to be a duplicate of:

where more people reports the same...

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