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Downloaded Music does not appear so / No Offline

Downloaded Music does not appear so / No Offline

On my Samsung Galaxy J3 I use the premium version. I have quite a bit of music downloaded. I recently had to soft reset my phone for a separate reason. When I rebooted it, I could no longer play music offline. Every song I had downloaded appears to be not downloaded anymore (the button which tells if an album/playlist is downloaded indicates they are not). I checked the space on my SD card and the music is still taking it up. Is there anyway to recover my library without formatting the SD card and re-downloading every song?

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sometimes when you refresh your phone, the app data is reset, so any downloaded songs would be removed from the app library. it might still be present somewhere in your phones memory so you need to reset your android system cache. the steps to do this would be available from android support. that should clear the data for you. you do have to redownload the songs. unfortunate but they do not count against your 3333 song limit. that is once they were deleted off your spotify app library your available number of spots for downloaded music reset too, so you can redownload them again freely. unfortunately this is just a function of resetting a phone. maybe a bit of a pest but no real harm done. remember the old days where if you had a large collection of mp3s on your hard drive and something happened, a virus, or a bad surge or something, and you lost all your data. if you didnt have it backed up somewhere you were screwed. at least the songs are still freely available. try clearing your android system cache and opening the app and trying again.try reinstalling the app and trying your sd card again. if you cannot open the downloaded files on your card i would think you would have to reformat. i am not very familiar with using sd cards for spotify i am a new user and havent done it yet so cant really help there. maybe you can search for topics dealing with sd cards.


post back if this was not the solution. 

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