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Downloaded Songs take up full space on SD card and internal storage

Downloaded Songs take up full space on SD card and internal storage

This bug makes the App unusable.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a 64GB SanDisk Micro-SD card.


And I'm going mad because of this bug.

I download ~1000 songs in Best Quality and it takes up about 8GB.

But the songs take up that space on both my Phone and SD card so my phone is constantly running out of space and there is NOTHING I can do about it.


I tried deleting the Spotify folder multiple times but nothing works.

I can't install new Apps, I can't install App updates, I can't even install Firmware Updates.

Spotify you NEED TO FIX THIS BUG. 

I have seen reports of it from almost a year ago.

The fact that this hasn't been adressed yet but I have to pay 9,99€/month for this Service is a joke. 


Can anybody provide a workaround until this gets fixed? Otherwise Spotify will have to go.


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Same here...I have a s7 and I can see all the offline music sitting on the SD card but then when checking the device's storage, spotify is the same size but I can't locate the data anywhere...but it is there because it's by far the largest app sitting at approximately 8.6gb.


Pretty infuriating

Exactly. It is nowhere to be found, but the space is still taken up. 

I guess it's simply the software and the songs aren't even stored but still..

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