Downloaded songs disappearing

Downloaded songs disappearing

Hey all,


For a while I have been struggling with an issue where songs previously downloaded for offline availability show up as NOT downloaded for no apparent reason. I haven't discovered a distinct pattern yet, though I seem to notice it happening more often just after I turn on my device.


The 'Download'-toggle is turned off on playlists and albums where it should be on, turning it on again just downloads all the songs again. Spotify is still reported to use over 10GB of storage though, so it doesn't seem like the cached files themselves got deleted.


This happens every one or two weeks, though right now it is even more annoying since I left for a trip a week ago and will be without a WiFi connection for a while. I would like to know what's causing this and how to prevent it from happening, because having to redownload your entire library every two weeks is just a pain.



Premium (part of a family plan)


 The Netherlands


Moto G5 Plus

Operating System

Android 7.0 Nougat

App Version (though i've had the issue through many versions before)



While Android reports Spotify using 10GB+ of storage, no used storage is shown Spotify settings. The download quality setting has also reverted from 'Very High' back to 'Normal'


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Can you try turning on "airplane mode", restarting the app, jumping into Spotify, and if it works turn airplane mode back of and  starting Spotify again?  This worked for one other person.  I'm trying to consolidate the number of incidences and if the workaround actually fits.

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