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Downloading music to external SD card, another one...


Downloading music to external SD card, another one...

I've done the re-installing, I've done the clean re-installing, I've done the re-installing with the SD card out then putting it back in and moving files around, and nothing seems to work.


I've got a Huawei y300 with Android 4.1.1, the very newest version of Spotify, a 32gb SD card that is literally empty until I start to download and I can't get it to download more than a quarter of my songs without saying that there's no space. I've tried going back to my old card which had the songs downloaded (and still should) but it still doesn't want to sync. 


Is there ANYTHING I can do to download my playlists? And when will Spotify work around this as, from the posts I've been reading, this has been going on for a long time...

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That's good to hear, it's really a pain if you don't do it in that very specific order. Cheers!

I've tried everything that's been suggested in the existing threads on this topic, including a reformat.  Nothing seems to work.  Running a Sony Z3C on Lollipop. 


This is infuriating since I only have 16gb of internal storage, and a 128gb SD card just begging to be filled.  Even more so because the app originally worked just fine on my SD card until it desynced about 3 days ago and burned my month's bandwidth because I had assumed that my local songs were actually locally on my phone. 


I came over from Rdio as part of the exodus... didn't expect the app to handle local storage this poorly.  I'm switching to Google until this gets figured out. 

Thanks to bindesh's method, I was able to make spotify save everything to an external SD card, and free up some space in my internal storage in the process. Thank you! 


But I noticed that there is a folder (under android->data) in both my Internal storage and on my SD card. Is this normal? The folder under internal storage has no files, while the folder in the SD card has two folders in it (one called Cache and another called Files) 

And when I go to settings -> general -> storage I notice that the Apps section under Internal Storage, as well as the app itself seems to grow in size when I download more playlists (while the space that is left on my SD seems to shrink at the same time). Is this supposed to happen? And can I stop the growth of the spotify app somehow in internal storage?


I don't know if this is useful, but I only downloaded a playlist of about 5 songs in extreme quality, then I downloaded the My Music bit and a few other playlists in normal quality to save space as extreme quality takes up more storage (which all also saved to the SD card properly)


Any info would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!


hello bindesh -- I've tried these steps -- when i look through the file explorer I see, but there is also the same file stored on the phone -- I tried upgrading the download quality to extreme & downloading files, but they are still being sent to the device folder, not the SD - any thoughts?


Maven ZTE - Android 5.1


Thank you!

Does not work with a Moto G3 with Android 5.1.1.

SD Card runs perfectly with other apps, only Spotify does not allow to specify storage location. =(

You can't choose where Spotify stores the cache files. When you choose extreme quality for downloads it looks for built in mass storage which should be your SD card.

I did, but it did not change anything.

I am on WiFi here, but I think it is not nice to burn the user's bandwidth plans either. Try to find a usable software solution.

Everytime I try this, I folow the 1st step, which is erasing data and cache,then I get a blackscreen. I close the app and reopen it multiple times and it keeps happening,until the Android OS tells me SPotify is not responding and closes Spotify, what can I do to fix this?


Uninstall Spotify and restart your device.

THANK YOUU SOOO VEEERY MUCH DUUUDE! It helped me allot, as only had 3Gb left on my new Honor 6 phone! Again..thanks! :D:D

Hi there, I'm glad I could help out. I had the same problem as you in the
beginning. Good luck!

Fixed my problem also, thanks. On Moto E

Seriously over Spotify now ... I have attempted all the solutions to move the files onto the SD card on my HTC One M8 (Marshmellow)


It will ONLY download to the internal memory, heck when you have 100gb+ on the SD card and barely any on the internal memory; you'd think the god darn thing would use what had the most amount of space.


I've been a premium customer for 18+ months, and now I think it's time to move on - for it can't even do the simplest of tasks.


I have even tried to move the data from the internal memory to SD from the app manager.  I've attempted to fill the internal memory to force it to the SD card, nope just fills up internal and stops downloading.


I have tried repeated steps for over 3 hours, and nothing has worked ... Fix your darn app to allow it to use the SD card!!!!

Sorry, workaround to clear the cache/data, followed by reinstalling the app and downloading extreme quality songs does not work for HTC M8. All the songs are being placed in my internal memory. Please fix immediately or I will have to stop subscribing to the service. This is ridiculous.


Edit: And yes I am on Android Marshmallow.

Same problem for me too ! On HTC One M8 and Marshmallow !

Can anyone help PLEASE ?

Same here, HTC one m8 with 64gb SD card and marshmallow. Been trying for a couple of days uninstalling and reinstalling, moving to SD card, deleting cache... But nothing works. Getting bored of this now.

With marshmallow you should be able to 'format SD card as internal' reinstall Spotify and the SD card will be used

The key issue with these SD card problems is simple : a lack of any useful help or information from Spotify. 

The only official info from Spotify is the sticky 'Troubleshooting', and that only suggests to reinstall the app and that the app will then "automatically sync to the storage with more available space".

And we all know that is total rubbish.


Pre-Marshmallow can be forced to use SD, but requires specific actions, and may not work on all versions of Android or devices.

Marshmallow? There are some posts on here that suggest fixes, but are any of them assured to actually work? And on all devices?


The simple fact is that Spotify have spectacularly failed to provide any official support or fix for an issue that has arguably been the biggest single reported through this forum (the forum that Spotify themselves created). 

They seem to be content with the approach of letting users try to advise other users. There are some knowledgeable users on here, but does any user actually believe that this is acceptable service and support for a premium paid-for product?!?! Would any user accept this for other products and services that you purchase?!?!

its really amazing that i cannot get a solution to this. I have spent hours doing the remedies here. Nothing works. All i know is i pay 10$ a month for a product that chews up my main storage when i have 25 gb free on a sd card. You cannot even call the people to ask. San Jose at its best.



Sorry you're having issues. Did you disable the cache, then log out of
Then restart your device. Uninstall Spotify, restart you're device again.
Reinstall Spotify. Log in to it. Set your download quality to extreme. Do
not skip any steps. Let me know if that works.

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