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Explicit Content Filter not showing as option

Explicit Content Filter not showing as option


Premium - Family Account




Samsung Galaxy A3 & Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating System

Samsung A3 SM-A320FL - v8.0.0, Security Patch June 2018. 

Samsung S7 SM-G930F - v8.0.0, Security Patch April. 2018


My Question or Issue

I have completely reset both of these devices to restart them as handsets under Android Family Link. 


I have installed Spotify from the app store on both devices and each child has their own Spotify account as part of Spotify Family logged in on their drives rrspectively. However, the Spotify app on the Samsung A3 device has the Explicit Content Filter option enabled, YET the Spotify app on the Samsung S7 device is NOT SHOWING AT ALL the Explicit Content Filter option... It's missing! I have tried reinstalling but that has not worked. 


This means one child has Explicit Content filtered and the other does not!  What's going on?


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Hey @Camelman1, welcome to the Community!


Right now, this is just a test that's not available for every user. You can find more info on this in this thread. You can also leave any questions about the feature in that thread.


You can also check out the support article we have for this feature. You'll be able to find more info on how to use the feature.


Hope that helps clear everything up 🙂

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