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Failed to connect

Failed to connect

Spotify has recently been acting up, i tried clearing the cache, phone reboot, opening it with wifi and w/o, uninstalled twice and still wont work

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I have the samw problems As well. I tried to install the older version but it always says that the file is corrupt.  ๐Ÿ˜ž what to do???  

same problem, but the spotify app icon on my phone is also broken/distorted.


And it failed again after reinstalling the app 3 times, whenever i connect to a wifi it gets this error again evem if i set it to be offline. Dang i hope the devs see this

Same here


I know right! and it's really frustrating to have to download all you saved music all over again!

Me too. I already re installed the apps on my phone for many times but still connection fail. However it works just well on my pc


Same problem here. I tried to reinstall, it works for a while. Re download all previously downloaded music. disconnect from wifi and when I woke up. Ola. problem again. this is so frustrating!

Spotify error.jpg

i guess we're going to just reinstall/redownload the songs everyday. 

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