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Ford Sync does not recognize Spotify


Ford Sync does not recognize Spotify


I've updated Spotify yesterday to version armV7 on my Huawei P8 (Android 6.0.1) and since the Sync in my Ford Fiesta does Not recognize the app anymore. Any suggestion or should I Just wait for the next update?

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Hey jimjam1403, 

Thanks for your patience with this issue. 

We've taken on all your comments and the tech team investigating the issue have appreciated them. We've received news that a fix for this issue is included in Spotify 7.1 for Android. This should be rolled out to Google Play soon. 

Please don't hesitate to get back to us if you have any other issues. We'll be happy to help. 

Many thanks, 


Hopefully a fix should be coming "soon" - when Spotify 7.1 will roll out I am not sure...

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Mine is now working fine after the update.

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I've had the exact same issue - I think everyone has!


I think until they fix it the only solution is to uninstall the app from your phone, grab the previous release APK from here and install it using that.


Make sure your phone doesn't automatically update it like mine did! (and you will need to redownload all of your playlists etc)

*** Update ***


I have just spent the last 40 minutes on chat with Spotify support, who have no idea this is going on! I am now waiting for an escalation email and a response

I've been emailing them all day and they keep telling me that it's fords issue, but I have sent them a link to this thread as it's no coincidence we are all having this issue since the update, and the only thing that has changed is spotify.

Especially as rolling it back works fine! The only thing that is different that I have noticed is this notification pops up for a few seconds when SYNC is trying to connect


I've just replied to an email asking me to give more info... it might be a while before I hear anything else


I was asked to send these images,

Exactly what mine is doing... The only way I can think this is a Ford issue is if Spotify made a huge change to the API/Device connection protocol in the update and just expected Ford to update theirs to match it - but that seems unlikely

same issue here, my car can't detect the app anymore after the last update.

Same issue. No more applink after the newest update. Rolling back to the old version for now.

Same here. Spotify was working fine yesterday. App was updated yesterday evening. This morning : no app...
As a dirty workaround I launch manually spotify, start my car, and use blutooth headset mode, but to change artist, album, whatever, I have to check my phone.
I'll check for an older apk.
Galaxy Note 2, android 4.4.2, spotify v7.0.0.1369, Fiesta 2016.

My 2017 Escape is also doing it!  It started yesterday morning. Since I use Spotify pretty much exclusively, this is absolutely annoying! 


This has been the same for me and my 2014 Ford Fiesta. First time since I have had the car that the app would not work with my car. It all started after this most recent update (, which I updated to late Wednesday, I think. and I am not pleased, whatsoever. I mostly use Spotify on my way to and from work, which, now I can't, unless I go through and un-install and re-install the previous version.


I knew there was a reason why I was always hesitant to update this app for long periods of time...

I'm having this exact same issue, I did a factory reset of the Ford SYNC on my fiesta and reinstalled spotify but nothing fixes it, it just keeps searching for applications. Considering this started the day after my Spotify renewed I'm pretty pissed off...

I have the exact same problem since I updated the Spotify app to version 7.0. So this must be update related, hope this gets fixed fast. I'm paying for this ...

EDIT: i just downloaded version 6.9 from this link:

And it works again!

Ps. Version 7.1 beta also wasn't working.

Count me in to this undesirable club. My 2013 F150 SYNC system will not recognize Spotify since the newest Spotify update on Friday (11/2/16). I don't listen to the radio or CD's in my truck, only Spotify and I'm getting pretty agitated that this has occurred and isn't fixed yet.

I chased up the Tech emails today and got this as a response


Hi jimjam1403,

Thanks for getting back to us.

We completely understand your keenness to get this resolved. We've forwarded your details to our top tech folks and they're looking into it as we speak!

As soon as we have any update, we'll get back to you. Let us know if you have any more questions. We're only an email away.

Have a fantastic day 🙂


So hopefully that means there *might* be progress being made

Sounds like generic response to keep you quiet. Hopefully I'm wrong.

I went back to 6.9 as well and using that as a work around.

It does, yes... but unfortunately for them - I tend to pester until I get a result... so essentially every other day until I get a proper response & resolution they will be hearing from me 😄

Please pester away!

Spotify keeps sending me offers for "3 months for 0.99" yet I can't take advantage of this offer because I am already a premium member. However...I will continue to get charged $9.99 per month for service that I can't use in my truck in the manner that it is supposed to work in.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Spotify, but when it's got a glitch and they won't address it, it irks me pretty bad.

I too am getting this issue with my 2014 Ford Focus Titanium.  I was beginning to wonder if it was just me but thankfully not.  .........>Awaiting the update<........

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