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Help for HTC One X

Help for HTC One X

Hi guys, I downloaded the Spotify app and I logged in and everything. But I can't download any of my playlists or play any song for that matter, I've been waiting a week now and its still on 0%. I'm not the only person with this problem, my sister has the exact same phone as me and its the same problem for her on Spotify, Is it possible to fix this, can anyone please help? thank you
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Hey there and hope you're enjoying your day!


The HTC One X is very nice phone 🙂


I hope you like it and to fix this problem, just go to Spotify settings and enable Sync with 3G option. Be sure that you have fixed mobile internet or it make a lot of costs.


Suggested way to download Offline playlists is Wifi network.


Try those TODAY and enjoy your Spotify forever!


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