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How do I get offline playlists onto phones micro sd card?

How do I get offline playlists onto phones micro sd card?

I have done it before on my previous phone but have had no success for the past 5 hours trying to get my playlists on the same micro sd card on my new phone(Polaroid Link A5 Android 4.4.2, not rooted etc.). I deleted everything off of it before putting it in my new phone and I have already uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify 10 times. Everytime I select my sd card as my storage option in Spotify settings I get a "we couldn't move your data" notification at the top of the screen that says "There might be something wrong with your sd card. Check permissions and try again." I've given up and have even referenced this previous board about this issue>>

Anybody have any ideas?

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Android kitkat had some known issues writing to the sd card.

Can you teeth another clean install of the Spotify app. Follow the guide linked in my signature and make sure to check for folders and reboot your device.. If still not working then can you put your sd card into a pc and cot all data off it then format it. Once formated run chkdsk with the fix errors option checked. Then copy your data back and try installing Spotify again

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In the version of the app that I have if you swipe left and at the bottom of the menu where it says your name there is a gear button - press this for settings - scroll down to the other section and click on storage, the option is there to download to either sd card or internal memory.


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