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Local files on mobile devices

Local files on mobile devices

I have downloaded music. I want this music playable offline on my mobile device. Its in "local files" on my vomputer. I have made a playlist for the mixtapes i want, set it to offline mode on my computer and on my phone. The devices are on the same WIFI, i even tried connecting mobile to pc using micro usb. Both spotify entries in my win-firewall is accepted private and public.  There seems to be a problem on spotifys side and i would like some help. This service costs to much for things not to work.

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Hi.If you want to upload local music files within spotify, you need to add sources (aka the folders containing the music). You have that option on the desktop app. Once you do it, you need to add those local files to any playlist and then on your mobile device set that playlist as offline so they can be uploaded right to your mobile.

Mind you, search in Spotify Android will not show local files as albums anyway. You will get a list of songs downloaded. Then when you click one of them all local songs will turn green and nothing will play.


The workaround here is to make a separate playlist for every local album you wish to sync then make those playlists available offline. If the album has songs segued into each other, tough, because gapless doesn't work with local files.


This is what my playlist section looks like because of Spotify Android not recognising local files as albums:



Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 13.29.07.png

Sorry for late aswer. I am aware of this, and this is how i do it. It still doesnt work... I have searched the Internet for solutions, everything i have found I have tried but nothing works. Is it not possible to open a support case with spotify, and get help that way?

Thanks for response.

I have added the source for the files, they are in my local files library. I have added a selection of my local files to a new playlist, and made this availible offline on both my computer and my phone. There is nothing uploading to my phone..

Can you check your router has UPnP enabled. Does your phone appear as a device in the Windows app?

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