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How do I remove songs from my library???

How do I remove songs from my library???

Unfortunately I had to reinstall Spotify. Having read how awful the changes in updates were I chose not to update for like 2 years now. Anyway, I've got the updated version now and I can not find anyway at all to remove songs from my library.

I'm a huge music listener, I use to add every song by an artist and as I listen to them put songs in various playlists and remove the songs from my library as I went along. Now it's telling me my device is full. 

Someone please help and possibly explain the idiotic decision to change such a good feature as 1 icon for add/remove. Thanks 

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You can still do it on the desktop version. 



If they're still there, you can try deleting the cache (Home > Settings > Storage) using the mobile version, then log out and back in.spot_is2.png










If you press and hold on a song in your Library (now called Liked Songs), or press the three vertical dots next to the song, there is an option at the top that says "Liked" with a green heart next to it. Simply click that to unlike the song and remove it from your library.

There is over 9000 songs in that Playlist for me. 

I'm looking for how to delete them from the "Artists" section. I can't find those songs in the "liked playlist" 

Also does it load the artist section incredibly slow now or that just me? The old version loaded right away now it takes at least a minute sometimes longer when I pick an artist. This is horrible, makes me almost want to go back to Pandora.

Hi ! I do it, but the song still stays in the library

Afaik there is only one way to remove a song from the library: Search and find it in each and every playlist and delete it there.

If it's only in liked songs, then unliking it has the same effect, but ONLY if it is ONLY in liked songs.


(the above solution doesn't apply any more, as Spotify scrapped the "songs" list, for whatever reason)


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