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“Your Library” Change

“Your Library” Change

I’m not sure who’s idea it was to take away our library but I don’t like it at all. I cannot navigate my saved music, only by the albums. I thoroughly enjoyed the old set up, I will 100% be canceling if it doesn’t change back. I’m in love with Spotify but I can’t navigate through my most recent music and artists. 2 thumbs down 

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I agree!!!!

The new Library in Spotify's Android Update to navigation is awful!

The Artists page stopped showing me the downloaded music for the artists, but it now shows the main Artists page. And I can't access the Artist's music already downloaded on my phone.

On the Albums tab, it is showing approx. 20% of the music I have downloaded.

The rest is not accessible.

I have to do a search for every song I know I have, and then the Delete option is available on the menu, meaning that the song is downloaded, but I cannot access it directly.

Very poor testing on this release!!!!!

Where is the Songs list?? with all the music I have downloaded or liked.





I believe I will go back to apple music this is a disaster!

I agree this update is awful. I have no idea why they would change it so we only see followed artists and not the artists of songs we've downloaded but unless this change is reverted or fixed soon my family and I will be switching to Apple music. 

I agree completely. I have been using Spotify heavily for years now and have come to rely on the Artists view in the Library, but that view is pretty much useless now that I can't browse my saved albums from it anymore. Browsing for an album via the Albums list takes way longer than it used to from the Artists list. I hope they make the right move and revert this terrible decision

This update is horrible,they are trying to forcing us to use playlists or using the album section,the thing is PLAYLIST is for people who didnt decide what to listen and NOBODY uses the album section.If until the end of the month they don’t FIX this mess I will go to Deezer 

Totally agree. Spotify! keep it up and you'll lose a subscriber. I love the new music exposure Spotify provides.  This new "follow artist to see on my artist list" is a huge reduction in functionality for me.  I don't wnat to follow every artist just to see them in my library.  Very stupid idea.

I am in complete agreement. These recent changes are completely pointless. The Artist library isn't even in alphabetical order. Are Spotify making it deliberately difficult to find the music I love and have downloaded

There was nothing wrong with the old user interface, so please revert back to that version.

Pairedd with the fact the you are not even offering a FLAC/lossless option, this is just another reason now to change service provider. I'll be sad to leave but if I can't find the music I want then I see no option.

Hey there @DonAnnix,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community.


At Spotify, we’re often testing and launching improvements and new features. You can find more info and tips on this new look by taking a look at this Spotify Answer


On another note, we'd also recommend taking a look at this Community Idea and adding your feedback and +VOTE there regarding this.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if there's anything else we can help with.

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Hey there @fabiozilberman,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


From now, following an Artist should make them appear in the Artists tab. Tapping on an artist should now link directly to their Artist page.


Further, any albums you heart/like will appear in Albums. However, the individual tracks will not appear in your Liked Songs collection unless you save them individually. You can find all your saved songs in a playlist called Liked Songs. 


If you'd like to view only the songs in Liked Songs that you've downloaded, you can tap Liked Songs > tap on the three dot menu on the top right corner > Select Filter downloaded songs.


Hope this helps clarify things! If there's anything else we can lend a hand with, don't hesitate to give us a shout.


Have a lovely day 🙂


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Thank you for your comments.
I understand the need to develop and try new ideas. However, it is quite clear from the number of comments and threads on this topic that there's updates were hugely unpopular.
May I suggest that in future you ask a sample of your users to test an update and give their honest feedback before changes are just rolled out to all users against their will?

This change is a total joke, the way i could like artists songs and then play the collection of liked songs in my artists page was the main reason why i've enjoyed spotify.  Removing that feature to try and force your users to dig through artists catalogs again and make new playlists is counter productive, not to mention that it would overflow the playlist menu.  Removing functional features and making changes for the sake of job security for designers and software engineers is not a great idea.

This update is ruining my life, all i want is to be able to cycle through the artists i have previously saved alphabetically. spent years building that list. 


is this a case of an executive who is a sociopath and only wants more money with a dumb idea, but everyone fears them cause they're a sociopath so they don't want to tell them what a dumb person they are so somehow they actually make this change? 

I’m not happy AT ALL that all of the artists and songs I selected are no longer listed in an easy to find format.


The new listing format is horrible!!  And I spent months identifying and saving just the songs I liked from selected artists and in one fell swoop your programmers wiped out my lists!


And no, I don’t want to scroll thru 6000 songs in Liked Songs to play my favorites from an artist I suggested. It’s stupid and I’m thinking about canceling my subscription  and selling my Spotify stock. 


Whatever was the motivation for messing over longtime fans and heavy users of Spotify ... was stupid and the old indexes (and easy sorting and selection options) need to be restored. 

My Artists no longer in alphabetical order. I am **bleep**.. Spotify AI now decides on my behalf what artist to listen to. "We are recommending this artist to you". From my own list of artists! Let's find a solution for a problem that doesn't exist! Great.... Why couldn't you simply add this new super duper feature WITHOUT removing the humble alphabetical order?

My "liked songs" does NOT contain all songs I've downloaded. In fact it contains sons that I've never heard of and certainly didn't download. I tried the filter--doesn't work. Says "you have filters set which may hide some results". Under that is an option to remove filters. That just takes me back to the liked songs playlist! Very disappointing. 

Completely tone deaf reply from Spotify. I'm out. Already cancelled.

Update: As said, Spotify one day decided that I must now have my massive list of artists totally unsorted. Next to each artist there was this "Follow" button. I must have about 1500 artists saved on my phone, so had to press Follow 1500 times to put the Artists back in alphabetical order. So to put artists back in alphabetical order you have to "Follow" them! Doh..... And was that all my artists? Were some artists missed? No idea....


My thumb now hurts... And what ON EARTH does "Follow" mean? No idea..... I just want to listen to my music man, I don't want to "Follow" anybody! Jeez....

Our claim WORKED!!!!!

Spotify rolledback to previous Artists and Albums interfaces!!!

Now we can access our downloaded music for every Artist in its page again!!!


Thanks for all that helped with this topic.



Thanks for listening Spotify. Well done.


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