How to Disable the Equalizer from Settings.

How to Disable the Equalizer from Settings.







Samsung Galaxy S9+

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Android 10


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How do you disable the equalizer? Each time I use my phone, the quality of the music become unsatisfactory. 

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ -- Android 10 --
Spotify version:

I have tried to uninstall the app several times, already did clear cache and clear data but I can't seem to disable the equalizer. I can tell the difference since I have my Chromebox - Another device - connected on my account, you can really tell that the quality is lessen when using my main Samsung Phone. I'd like to ask for a step by step tutorial (if possible/available). I have been looking over the existing forums and found vague answers and suggestions of installing external apps for an equalizer that requires a root. I have no need for that. 

I just wanted the equalizer disabled. I can't stress this enough. Looking forward hearing from you soon! 


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Hey @LeeVillanueva,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


The equalizer can be accessed by default on all iOS devices but on Android devices, you'll have the equalizer enabled within the Spotify Settings only if your devices' manufacturer has enabled you to access this feature. Here's how to adjust the Equalizer on Android if you have this option available:

  1. Tap Home. 
  2. Tap Your Library 
  3. Tap the Settings icon:
  4. Under Music Quality, tap Equalizer.
  5. You’re taken to your device’s Audio and Accessory settings. Select your preferred options.


For all the info regarding how you can make the most out of your device's audio settings, it'd be good for you to reach out to the device's manufacturer.


Hope you'll find this useful. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

Mario Moderator
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Hey Mario, 


Thanks for responding. That is not the case. I do not want the equalizer. I want it disabled, not to use it. 


I hope this clears it up.




Hey just set the equalizer back to normal


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