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I'm premium and I still get ads ๐Ÿ›‘

I'm premium and I still get ads ๐Ÿ›‘

There's a promotion currently running by Spotify to get a Google home mini

And that's being shoved in your face as an in-app popup when you open the mobile app even when you're premium, and there is no option to disable that.


Spotify this is not okay, I get the whole marketing thing but I did not opt in for that and I choose not to be marketed to.

This has been going on for too long

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Agreed.  This pop up occurs every single time I return to Home in the mobile app on iOS.  This is beyond intrusive.  I could understand maybe the first time the app is loaded - even though I'm paying for premium which means No Ads - but to do this every single I hit Home? This screams bug not feature and it is infuriating. 


Spotify, I don't want suggestions shoved down my throat. This isn't going to work. Stop trying to make this happen. 

Same here. Getting pop ups advertising premium

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